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Ever wondered where all the top Commercial Pilots train? Well I now know – AEROs. Commissioned to capture their training culture and services for various marketing requirements.

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Case Study

Commissioned by Nick Dunn, CEO of AEROs, and working with Max Tarrant Sales/Operations Manager, the brief was to capture a range of photographs to depict the training culture at AEROs for use on their website and marketing media. I cannot lie, it was a little nerve racking as I’m not a great fan of flying, fortunately this photoshoot didn’t take to the air due to their time constraints on the day. That said, they are keen to get up in the air, so I think this is inevitable. 

On the Day - Commercial Photoshoot AEROs

The AEROs photoshoot took place at their Gloucester training facility at Gloucester Airport, starting off with various photographs of the fleet of planes in front of the hangars and HQ, followed by various photographs in the planes, taxiing around on the runways (heart beating moment for a scared flyer like me). The photoshoot then moved into the main training facilities to capture the reception, pilots lounges and lecture rooms with live training taking place.  To wrap up, we moved into the Engineering wing of the company, to capture some photographs of the maintenance and repairs taking place to keep the fleet up and running. Oh and how could I forget the Simulator, that was quite an experience and the two pilots had great fun showing their skills in near hurricane conditions taking the opportunity to have 10minutes of fun themselves between all their serious hard work and routines. The trainees and trainers really are first class and I have an appreciation for just how hard these people work to reach the standards required to be a Commercial Pilot with the main carriers.  I’m looking forward to the future shoots scheduled, I just hope we stay on the ground.

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AEROs Group are a UK leader in Commercial Flight Training and Modular Pilot Training. Responsible for  producing the next generation of Commercial Pilots for UK and International Passenger and Freight Airlines. Chances are these Commercial Pilots will be jetting you off on your Holidays!

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