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The creativity & Expertise behind the lens

Emma is a full-time Professional Photographer based in Warwickshire, working from her studio and travelling all across the UK to capture the most stunning and creative Wedding, Commercial, Product, Newborn and Family Photography for her clients.

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Professional & Creative Photographer …

What differentiates Emma Lowe from other photographers? This is perhaps the key consideration for clients in selecting their photographer. Hopefully this helps to answers this question:

  • Full-Time: it might seem a strange one to start with, but it’s a critical point. If Emma is not on shoots, she’s editing, all day everyday. It also demonstrates the quality and demand for Emma’s Services, not to mention the shear experience and range of work week in, week out.
  • Expertise & Competence: it’s a little late after your shoot to realise the photographer is not up to the job! Relax, you’ll see from Emma’s Galleries & Case Studies that she has vast experience across her specialisms having notched up a vast number of shoots over the years.

Perhaps the best validator, is simply reviewing Emma’s Client Case Studies from her recent Commercial and Wedding shoots, as well as reviewing her Newborn & Wedding Galleries. The quality and variety speaks for itself and you’re sure to spot household names or venues you recognise.

Another key consideration, is that of style and editing capabilities, as this varies significantly in the industry, that said, again rest assured, Emma has this covered as you’ll no doubt see from her Case Studies and Galleries.

  • Style & Lighting: Emma employs a collection of photography styles, that said all primarily based on achieving natural images, utilising her professional lighting equipment and knowledge. Emma’s style is adaptive and dynamic as required, equally happy to take instruction, be discreet or take charge and command the shoot.
  • Touching & Editing: Emma’s natural style reduces the need for excess editing, however, her touching and editing skills are exemplary. You will not see over edited and weird lighting effects with Emma’s shoots.

The final consideration is trust; hopefully you’ll see the level of trust Emma’s clients project in the incredible images across this website and their kind words.  AND……. Emma’s is really friendly and approachable, so don’t hesitate to just call her for a chat.

Emma Lowe Photography About Me

High expectations & Always Delivering stunning PhotogRaphy

No-one has higher expectations than Emma does of herself, and this determination to challenge herself and strive to capture ever better photography ensures that her clients get amazing photography, some would say she’s relentless. That said, Emma loves it when clients have bold ideas or requirements.

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Creativity comes in two parts, a natural ability to innovate and see the shot in your mind, and experience having taken so many photographs you know what works and what doesn’t, with a little innovation always thrown in just for fun. Emma also welcomes ideas and creative input from her clients, no matter how whacky.


Service Delivery

Professionalism comes in many forms, from managing the whole process from enquiry, to the quote & booking and the shoot itself, followed by post-shoot editing. It’s also about quality and the ability to delivery an excellent service, as well as time keeping and engaging clients, stakeholders and guest or family with a smile.


Touching & Editing

Depending on the type of shoot, editing may be minimal with Emma’s natural photography style. That said, sometimes extensive editing is required, from lots of small touching, to full scale splicing of multiple images together and/or manipulation of the images. Editing can take time and Emma endeavours to respond swiftly.

My Specialisms

Emma specialises in the following Photography genres, working from her professional home studio in Warwickshire and travelling all over the UK.

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Wedding Photographer

With a natural, subtle yet sophisticated style of Wedding Photography, Emma’s clients adore her wedding photographs and is well known across the midlands region. The number of venues available across the region is huge, but this doesn’t phase Emma as a great number she already knows and those she doesn’t are researched and in some cases visited prior to get a feel for the venues and right scenes. Emma can be as discreet or commanding as you require on the day, to move people around boldly or almost not be noticed, which offers the wedding couple significant flexibility on how they wish there day to take shape. Having the ability to take command has saved a number of wedding shoots as the daylight or time was slipping by. Please enjoy looking through Emma’s gallery and case studies, and to learn more about Emma as a Wedding photographer just reach out for an intro call.

Commercial Photographer

Emma covers the full spectrum of commercial photography, which is some undertaking. As a commercial photographer Emma is always challenged with different types of shoots, whether its involving people, odd lighting, movement, or requiring creative scene setting, so she’s covered most shoots in one way or another. The commercial side of photography also takes Emma to some unusual places (example: into clouds for AEROs capturing their pilots in action) and allows Emma to travel the country to a variety of different companies across multiple industry verticals. For more information on Emma as a Commercial Photographer please get in touch.

Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photography along with Horse Photography will always brings an extra big grin with Emma as she loves these photoshoots more than any other. As a mother of 3 and crazy equestrian you’ll understand why. Like with most of Emma’s Photography, her Newborn photographs are always as natural as possible, which stand the test of time as fashions change. No one wants to see over edited and weird filters in 10 years time! Emma’s clients are looking for timeless elegant Newborn Photography, that will capture your little one’s magical first weeks for an eternity. Please enjoy browsing the site and for more information on Emma as a Newborn Photographer please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat.