About Emma Lowe..

~ Professional Local Photographer in Rugby ~

Photography for me is an opportunity to combine my passion for creativity and desire to consistently challenge myself technically, but by far the greatest rewards is the wonderful moments I share with my clients when they see their photographs, with joyous emotions and gratitude for capturing a moment in time forever to cherish.

My home is the beautiful County of Warwickshire, or more specifically the outskirts of Rugby and a good deal of my photography work is local to the area, although as you’ll imagine my work indulges  me to travel all over in pursuit of the perfect shoots, so naturally I’m more than happy to travel.

It’s no surprise that I love my job and I’m very fortune to be able to focus and combine my passion into my work. My typical Photography Session, centres on newborns and portraits to capture magical family moments, to special occasions such as birthdays, weddings or balls, to the dynamic and fast moving photography of sporting events, finally to equine and pet photography which holds a very special place in my heart..

No matter the genre of photography, my shoots are always fun and full of energy, with the focus on making you feel comfortable and I love to here your ideas or suggestions.

That having been said, I love a challenge so please don’t hesitate to to test my skills by throwing something new at me, chances are I’ve done it already or something very similar.

Emma Lowe - Photographer

“I love being a professional photographer as there are not many careers that offer you the opportunity to share first hand the emotional impact of your work and for that I’m truly grateful and constantly looking forward to the next project”

Behind the Professional Photographer?

It’s always good to learn a little about the photographer behind the camera, so this is just a little section about me….

I’m somewhere between 30 and 40 yrs of age but naturally a lady needn’t share the real figure and I’m very fortunate to have 3 beautiful children who certainly keep me busy, along with two sleepy dogs, lively horses and a house full of various other pets.

When I’m not charging around after my children, you’ll find me with my horses which sometimes seems like an endless mucking out saga, which is my main leisure time when not working long days on the Photography. Of course there is also the house-work and keeping my partner in shirts and well-fed.

Emma Lowe Photography in RugbyEmma Lowe Photography in Rugby

My character is very laid back but quietly determined and focused, but mostly I like to have fun along the way, whether that’s with my family, my leisure activities or my photography.

That pretty much sums me up, I love family life and my photography.

If you want to find out more, please call and have a chat.