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Newborn Photoshoots

Memories Forever Frozen In Time …

Incredible & treasured Newborn PhotoShootS

By Emma Lowe

 Working with Mummies &  Newborn Babies is an absolute privilege.

 Together we’ll capture an incredible range of breath-taking Newborn Photoshoots, and have fun in the process. All from the warmth and comfort of my custom studio. 

As a specialist full-time Newborn Photographer I have a custom professional home studio, which mummies hail to be a godsend with its relaxed, warm, calming and safe environment, completely removing the pressure of traveling and coping with your new little ones. And an added bonus is the off street parking which makes life even easier.

I have mummies travel from all over the Midlands and some come from all over the UK for my Newborn Photoshoots, which is based on a timeless and natural style of  beautiful photography.

Get in touch to book your Newborn Photoshoot today!


For parents looking for Pinks & Whites, enjoy browsing through this small selection of recent imagery capture from my warm, secure and relaxed home studio.

Newborn Photography using whites and lilacs Emma Lowe Photography
Newborn baby girl - by Emma Lowe Photography
Warwickshire Newborn Photographer - By Emma Lowe Photography
Baby Girl using pinks with Emma Lowe Newborn Photography


For parents looking for Greys & Blues, enjoy browsing through this small selection of recent imagery capture from my warm, secure and relaxed home studio.
Newborn Boy by Emma Lowe Photography
Newborn Photographer Emma Lowe Photography
Nadia Newborn Photography Rugby Emma Lowe Photography Blog
Emma Lowe Baby Photoshoot
Baby Boy Photography Newborn Photography Emma Lowe Photography


For parents looking for Natural & Colour, enjoy browsing through this small selection of recent imagery capture from my warm, secure and relaxed home studio.

Dan - Newborn Photoshoot 5 - Newborn Photographer
Newborn baby Photographer - Emma Lowe Photography using Creams
Cream newborn shoot Emma Lowe Photography
Newborn baby Photographer - Emma Lowe Photography using natural light greens
Newborn baby Photographer - Emma Lowe Photography using Creams and beiges
Newborn baby Photographer - Emma Lowe Photography using natural creams


Did someone order the ‘fun’ ? Some parents like to have a little fun and personalise their imagery with little touches or humour.

ClIent Testimonials



My Newborn Photoshoots are all about having a great experience for you and your baby, whilst I capture the most incredible Newborn Photographs that you and your family will love for many years to come in a relaxed and safe environment. The sessions are held at my professional home studio, with all my specialist equipment and lighting. With a nice sofa and extra heating to keep baby warm and snug !!

My Newborn Photoshoots draw on my years of experience but also my specialist’s skills to dress, wrap, position, and pose your baby safely, to get the most adorable photos. Your Newborn baby’s comfort and safety always come first and most babies enjoy the experience as much as the parents, except those Newborns that like to sleep right through the session blissfully unaware of the beautiful photographs we have captured. 

You may also like to know that I’m an ex-Nursery Nurse and Dental Nurse, as well as having three children of my own, which just adds to my experience. I’m also fully DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) certified / checked 2021. 

To achieve those very cute sleepy curled-up images the Newborn Photoshoots are best booked within the baby’s first two weeks or within the first 21 days. I try to aim for four to five creative ideas, these could be curled up on whites, curled up in furs, posing your baby in a box, basket, or bucket, surrounding them with cuddly toys, or curling them up in your arms.

What to Bring To the Shoot?


The sessions are held at my professional home studio, with all my specialist equipment and lighting, this means everything from outfits, wraps, stuffies and props are all available to choose when you arrive.

I do encourage if you have a special or meaningful item to the little one you bring that along for me to incorporate into your photoshoot.

One big thing to remember is plenty of milk as it can become thirsty work being a model, and plenty of nappies. You would be surprised sometimes how many nappies your little one can go through in a photoshoot!



2-4 HOurs - (AverAGE 3HRS)

My Newborn Photoshoot sessions are created to be very relaxed and to put you and your baby first at every step. My Newborn Photoshoots can last between 3 – 4 hours, allowing plenty of time to stop whether that’s to settle your baby, feed, nappy changes, or even just to have a 5-minute chat about what each setup offers. 

The Newborn Photoshoots are designed to be patient, relaxed and fun!

Please do not be anxious, I’m a professional and have three children of my own, so I certainly know it can be hard and stressful caring for a Newborn and I love helping you. Even though its a little daunting to think up to 4 hours for your little ones to have a photoshoot, don’t worry at all, you can simply sit and relax, chat to me the whole time or just sit back and take in the ambience, your little ones won’t notice they are in a shoot. 

Most of my parents end up so relaxed they start guessing which theme songs are playing from my instrumental music in the background!

Colours & Props


Your Newborn Photoshoot includes the use of all my selections of throws, wraps, props, and headbands which will all be washed and cleaned after each and every session. Up on arrival, you’ll be able to choose what colours you wish and look at the various wraps and props. You are welcome to bring along any favourite toys, items, props, and outfits to add that personal touch. I always like to get you to think about the colours throughout your home, as your images should be of similar tones to suit your home if you were thinking of having some framed wall decor from your photo shoot.



My Newborn Photography Prices are segregated in two parts to provide you with maximum flexibility and control:

STEP 1 – You simply book and pay for your Newborn Photography Session the payment is due before the shoot day.

STEP 2 – You then choose your Newborn Photography Image Collection, Collections starting from £100 – £395

The Newborn Photography prices are segregated to allow my parents to enjoy the Baby Photoshoot without the pressure to buy their Image Collection until they have a feel for the photography taken and even seen some initial examples. This prevents parents from having to layout for images without understanding what they are buying and it allows parents to select higher packages with confidence in the quality and variety of newborn photographs. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. I do offer 4 month payment plans for orders over £100.


ThE MAgic Software ....

Following your Newborn Photoshoot, your images will be reviewed by Emma and filtered in readiness to showcase with you via a secure digital portal. All images will have watermarks until final payment is received. This allows you to enjoy reviewing your images at your leisure or with loved ones from the secure digital portal.

The selected images will undergo any light editing and final touching as required (this excludes advanced editing). Light editing and final touching, includes cropping, lighting adjustments, colour changes, skin and hair adjustments and various removals, to make your images even sharper. 

Please provide between 4-8 weeks as a guide to have your images edited. This can be quicker if requested and does depend on the speed of your responses to reviewing and selecting your images. All images are watermarked and will not be released until payment is fully received as an industry norm. 

If you require advanced editing, such as splicing two images or significantly modifying the image, this can be discussed and is chargeable at £75 per hour due to the complexity of the work. It is rare advanced editing is requested. 

If you’d like your photographs in an physical Album or Framed Prints, please speak with Emma who can provide a quote. 


Personalised & Relaxed

Your Newborn will be warm and cosy in my Home Studio based in Cawston, Rugby. It’s the perfect environment to let your little one relax and snooze whilst we capture your first incredible baby photoshoot. We always enjoy the photography sessions and then after you’ve seen the photographs you can decide how many images you want to buy. Remember you can pay monthly to spread the costs.

I offer plenty of refreshments during your time in my studio, I do ask that you no not take photos and videos on your mobile phone during my photo sessions.

Newborn photography near me?

Where is my Studio - Rugby - MIDLANDS - Cv227UQ

My professional home studio, is based in Rugby, which can be easily accessed from:

  • Birmingham and Coventry down the M6 or A45
  • Warwick, Leamington and Stratford along the A46 and A45
  • Leicester, Nottingham and Derby down the M1 or M69/M6
  • Banbury & Southam along the A423
  • Lichfield & Tamworth along the A5

Please check Google Maps before travelling for exact directions and for quicker routes. SatNav postcode CV22 7UQ or use what three words 



Newborn Photography is a very personal shoot, with new mummies needing to build an instant relationship and trust with their photographer. Granted you can see the beautiful images I’ve captured on recent shoots, but please feel free to call me to talk. 

Say Hello!

I’d be delighted to hear from you and learn more about your requirements. 

If you’d like we can either chat over the phone, or we have a video conference with an easy to use Google Meet, or should you wish a face to face consultation.  

To get started please fill out the form below or call me on 07703 290947

How My Newborn Photography Works


Enjoy My Gallery

The best place to start is simply to flick through some of my images on the website. Naturally images on the website are never as sharp as the real images as they’d take ages to load up on the website. This will give you some ideas and shows the calibre of my Newborn Photography.


Let’s Chat

I do like to have a chat and learn exactly what my clients really want, and also offer some ideas that they may never of considered. We can chat about everything from your due dates, to sessions dates, to costs, to payment plans, to styles, or just about anything else. I’m very relaxed.


Book In Your Session

My photography slots do get booked up quickly and I’ll always do my utmost to get you booked in. The quicker we book in the better. Normally we’ll chat about your due date and pick a date after. This tends to works out just fine, sometimes if births are early or late, we’ll adapt.


Enjoy The Shoot

My clients all say the same thing, my home studio is so relaxed and warm, so my parents are all quickly enjoying the shoot. And that’s the key, we have some fun, try different ideas and if you need to stop for feeding etc, we just stop and chat, until we are ready to try again. 


Preview Your Images

After the Newborn Photoshoot, I’ll typically aim to get the watermarked images into a preview state for you to review on a shared digital portal. This allows you to consider which Image Bundle you wish to purchase, having seen the images and decided on your favourites.


Select Image Package

Selecting your Images couldn’t be easier. All the preview images have unique numbers which you can provide, along with your chosen Image Bundle (Image Bundles are sets of images for a fixed price). Then I can start the Finalisation and Touching process.


Finalisation & Touching

Due to my Photography Style, Experience & Set Up, post image editing is relatively minimal, consisting of light finalisation i.e. cropping, light adjustments and touching such as blemish, skin and hair adjustments. Complex editing is not included such as splicing (swapping parts of images), albeit this is rare and only on specific request, this is advanced edited and chargeable at a separate rate. Please allow 2-8 weeks depending on workload and holidays.


Review & Sign Off

Following the Finalisation and Touching, I’ll provide the images via the digital preview portal for you to review and sign off. Any minor edits can be completed swiftly. Once you are happy and have signed off, we can prepare for release of your images. Full payment will be required before the watermark can be removed which is an industry standard. All the images are fully licensed for your personal use.


Enjoy Your Images

Enjoy your images, This can be digital or print format, all books are fully bespoke with great options to suit all budgets!