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Professional Photographer

Memories Forever Frozen In Time …

Hi, I’m Emma Lowe, a full-time Professional Photographer based in Rugby, Warwickshire. I provide professional Photography services across the Midlands and UK, or work from my home studio. I take great pride in capturing the most stunning and creative Wedding, Commercial, Product, Newborn and Family Photography for my clients.

professional Photographer In Rugby

RElax WITH A PROFESSIONAL Photographer....

Hiring a professional photographer can do many things for your business, including communicating visually with your potential or existing customers. Imagery is important for your marketing materials as it conveys who and what you are as a business. Creating images which reflect the quality of your products or services is the main aim of hiring a professional photographer.

Creating a lasting first impression is essential, so making sure every image is consistent in quality will ensure whichever image a potential customer sees will impress. There are many reasons to hire a professional photographer, whether that’s for a product photoshoot or a social event having high quality images for your business should be a high priority.

As a professional photographer I can help with any type of commercial situation including those mentioned above. Event photography is one where a professional photographer can really make a difference. They will be able to photograph the event without being invasive, ensuring the event is photographed without any guests feeling uncomfortable.

Another service as a photographer I can provide are head shots or staff photoshoots. These are ideal for your website’s ‘about us’ page, where it’s the norm to have pictures of your staff members. My years of experience allows me to offer any advice you need with regards to positioning and posture when taking the photographs.

With the rise in high quality smartphone cameras, taking an average photograph has never been easier. Events on the other hand have significant costs involved for a business, so making the most of it with quality photographs will help promote the event as well as recording during the event.

I will supply you with an online repository of high quality images for you to use within any of your marketing materials. This will help you to market any future events you may have as well as build your reputation by providing high quality images of traders and event participants.

Hiring me as a professional photographer will enable me to advise you on anything you need to take your photographs to the next level. I provide professional photographer services at affordable prices which can be found on my pricelist. I offer a competitive and transparent quote with no hidden extras. Costs can increase depending on your requirements and the length of your hiring period.

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If you’d like we can either chat over the phone, or we have a video conference with an easy to use Google Meet, or should you wish a face to face consultation.  

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