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Wedding Photographer Derby

The Elegance of Natural Photography … 

Emma Lowe is a leading Midlands Wedding Photographer, capturing the most elegant and natural photography that are timeless and will be enjoyed for years to come. Secure you date by getting in touch today …..

Elegant & Natural Wedding Photographer - Derby

 by Emma Lowe

There seems to be an endless choice when it comes to Wedding Photographers. Choosing the correct one for you all depends on your style, budget and what you want from the shoot.  

Hi, I’m Emma Lowe and I’m an experienced Wedding Photographer based in the Midlands. You’ll find me working within my local area as well as taking on special requests from further afield.

My personal style is to photograph the bride/s and groom/s with a natural and elegant feel. This is without being overly staged or edited, therefore capturing the moment as it happened as if time stood still. A series of more formal and posed couple/group photographs will also be taken, ready to be added to your wedding album.

My style is adaptable and dynamic, adjusting my photography to your requirements. This might be discreetly capturing your images on the side-line or taking charge to manage a lively group photograph.

Perhaps the most important thing, other than the quality of my photography, is your relationship with me as a person. You’ll soon find I’m lovely and I’m told,  good fun and light-hearted, so I’ll fit in with your wedding party.

WEdding PhotoGRAPHER Derby - EMMA LOWE

Just some of my recent Weddings …… 


ClIent Testimonials

the Wedding PHOTOGRAPHY Process


Initial Conversation

The first step towards booking your wedding photographer is to have an initial conversation with me about your wedding and to check availability. 


Secure Your Date

A 25% deposit is required to secure your date. This will then be booked in ready to capture your wedding day.


Deposit Payment

Upon booking you will receive 2 invoices, one for the deposit and one for the final payment due 4 weeks before the wedding date.


Consultation Session

As many consultations it takes to finalise the details of your wedding photoshoot is included in the package. 


Confirm Package

Once you have fully confirmed the package you would like, this would be emailed to me as a confirmation .


Final Payment

The remaining balance on your package is due 4 weeks before your wedding date. Paying in instalments is welcomed if this is easier.


Final Scheduling 

Before the wedding day we can speak over the phone or via email to finalise any details. Anything you would like to check can be discussed.


Enjoy Your Wedding

Its your wedding day, relax we have talked and I understand everything you would like from style to whom you would like in what photo!


Editing & Products

Once the photoshoot has been completed, please allow 6-12 weeks for all images to be edited and completed. These will be supplied on a secure online gallery.

Book & Secure YOur Date

Get Booked in for your big day .....

In any given month, I’ll be booked for multiple weddings, sometimes even within the same week or on the same weekend. Therefore, it’s crucial to secure my services early for your Big Day. You can do this by choosing your package and paying a non-refundable deposit of 25%. Most couples reserve their date early in their planning process, typically 6-18 months before their wedding. However, I’ve also accommodated last-minute bookings as well as bookings made two years in advance by couples eager to secure my services.

Consultation SESSION

A Discovery sessions to plan and talk through your Day .....

This is an exciting time for you and your partner as you prepare for your big day!

Join me for a consultation session where we can discuss your wedding photography and the logistics of your special day. We can meet in person at my home studio or via video link for your convenience.

During these relaxed sessions, we’ll have the opportunity to get to know each other better. I’m eager to hear about how you met and what you envision for your wedding photography and products.

We’ll cover various topics including your budget, guest count, venue options, photography style preferences, timeline for the day, whether you have a wedding coordinator, the wedding photography contract, and more.

Rest assured, this will be a relaxed, enjoyable, and stress-free meeting.


My 2023/24 Pricing .....

I try to keep my Wedding Photographer pricing simple, with 5 main packages designed to cater for varying requirements. They are predominantly based on my time, and you can view my pricing here

If you have specific preferences in mind, please feel free to reach out to me. I’m happy to discuss your needs and customize my wedding photography packages to create a unique option just for you. Everyone’s requirements are different, so I’m flexible in adding extra time or venues to suit your wishes.

During the event, it’s not uncommon to need extra coverage beyond the initial booking. I’m open to extending my services at my hourly rate whenever possible.

I understand that weddings can be costly affairs. That’s why I strive to keep my rates competitive without compromising on quality. Despite being quite popular and often fully booked, I maintain high standards in my products and services.

If you’re looking for a custom package, additional services, or seeking advice on saving costs, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to help!

Number of Venues


My wedding packages are designed with time in mind, ensuring I capture every moment of your special day, from the preparations to the ceremony, reception, and party. Whether you need comprehensive coverage or just specific photos in a shorter time frame, my packages are flexible.

Keep in mind that if we need to move between venues, there might be delays due to traffic or unforeseen obstacles. Let’s collaborate on timing to allow for smooth transitions, including reserving parking if necessary or arranging lifts to ensure everything runs seamlessly. We’ll work together to make sure your day goes off without a hitch.

Client BumPing

Your Booking Is SEcured .....

One of the challenges for Couples is getting ‘bumped’, by photographers when higher value bookings come in on your booked date. T

his is not a professional practice and you can rest assured, I will honour your booking and your date is secured, and further to that, unless due to serious illness or emergency it will always be myself attending. 

Having rescued a number of couples at last minute who lost their photographers, this is something I feel somewhat passion about!

Wedding Photography - Payment OPTIONS

Spreading payments UP TO THE BIG DAY.....

Payment in full is due 30 days before your Wedding day and is non-refundable.

To secure your booking date, a non-refundable deposit of 25% is required.

Many couples opt for a standing order payment plan to spread the costs leading up to 30 days prior, or they may choose to pay in stages at their convenience.

Alternatively, some couples prefer to settle the remaining balance of 75% in one final payment.

I primarily accept payments via BACs (bank to bank transfer), but I also accept PayPal and credit cards via PayPal.

If payments are not made in full and on time, your booking may be forfeited.

Wedding Photography - Changing packages


I do try to be as flexible as possible, but equally I do have other professional and personal activities/commitments, as such I would always encourage couples to book the time they need to avoid disappointment, as I may not be able to increase the time period on your Big Day at a later date. 

That said, I will always do my upmost to be flexible and add additional time subject to my availability. Unfortunately you cannot decrease your package once booked, albeit do always speak with me. I’m here to help, so please call and discuss your requirements, or changing requirement and any issues you have.

Managing Your Photography on the Big Day

DiscreetLY UNSEEN or Taking Charge ......

Every couple has their own preferences. Some prefer me to take the lead in planning their wedding photography style, managing the images captured on the day and editing with minimal input from them. Others have clear visions and specific scenes they want me to capture. I’m flexible and comfortable with either approach, and I can adjust accordingly.

On the wedding day, most couples prefer a balanced approach. They appreciate me discreetly moving about to capture candid moments, while also providing gentle guidance for group photos. I can seamlessly transition from being unobtrusive to taking charge when necessary, ensuring that the desired shots are captured without feeling overbearing.


ThE MAgic Software ....

Following your wedding day, your images will be carefully reviewed, filtered, and prepared for showcasing with you via a secure digital portal. All images will have watermarks for protection. This allows you to enjoy reviewing your images at your leisure or with loved ones from the secure digital portal. Depending on your package, you’ll be able to select your favorite images.

The selected images will undergo light editing and final touches as required (advanced editing excluded). Light editing and final touches include cropping, lighting adjustments, color changes, skin and hair adjustments, and various object removals to enhance sharpness.

Please allow between 4-10 weeks for your images to be edited. This timeline can be expedited upon request, depending on the speed of your responses to reviewing and selecting your images. All images are watermarked and will not be released until payment is fully received, as is standard practice, and editing is completed.

Should you require advanced editing, such as splicing two images or significant modifications, this can be discussed and is chargeable at £75 per hour due to the complexity of the work. Advanced editing requests are rare.

If you’d like your photographs in a physical album or framed prints, please speak with me so I can provide a quote.



If you later decide that you’ll like all your images on a USB, the standard charge is £400. These images will only have light touching and cropping applied.

If you’d like albums, frames and prints adding to your package or after your Wedding Day, this can be arranged. 

It is not uncommon for Couples to view their photographs and wish to amend there options for albums and printing with extras.

Wedding photographER near me?

I'm Based IN Rugby

I’m based in Rugby, which can be easily accessed from:

  • Birmingham and Coventry down the M6 or A45
  • Warwick, Leamington and Stratford along the A46 and A45
  • Leicester, Nottingham and Derby down the M1 or M69/M6
  • Banbury & Southam along the A423
  • Lichfield & Tamworth along the A5

Please check Google Maps before travelling for exact directions and for quicker routes. 

Sat Nav postcode:

 CV22 7UQ 

or use what three words: 

Enjoy a peak at my recent wEDDING STORIES

Beautiful Wedding Photography

Bourton Hall December 2023
Bourton Hall Blog

Donna & Simon

Donna & Simon’s beautiful Wedding at Bourton Hall in Rugby.

Wootton Park Wedding day photographer in Warwickshire by Emma Lowe Photography
Wootton Park Weddings by Emma Lowe Photography

Sarah & Matt

Sarah & Matt’s beautiful Wedding at Wootton Park Warwickshire.

Catthorpe Manor Wedding - Feb 2023 - By Emma Lowe Photography
Catthorpe Manor Weddings by Emma Lowe Photography

Holly & Dan

Holly & Dan’s beautiful Wedding at Catthorpe Manor Rugby.

Bourton Hall Wedding 2023 by Emma Lowe Photography
Bourton Hall Blog

Olivia & Calvin

Olivia & Calvin’s beautiful Wedding at Bourton Hall in Rugby.

Warwick House Wedding Venue photographer by Emma Lowe Photography
warwick house

Claire & Nathan

Claire & Nathan’s beautiful Wedding at Warwick House in Warwick.

Gamu & Andii Winstanley Hall 2021 Emma Lowe Wedding Photography
Winstanley House - Wedding Venue

Gamu & Andii

Gamu & Andii’s beautiful Wedding at Winstanley House in Leicester.

Coombe Abbey Wedding Ceremony - Wedding Photographer By Emma Lowe Photography
Coombe Abbey - Wedding Venue - Coventry

Louise & Matt

Louise & Matt’s beautiful Wedding at Coombe Abbey in Coventry.

Emily & Stephen Wedding 11- Greetham Valley Golf Club - Oakham -.jpg
Greetham Valley - Wedding Photographer

Emily & Stephen

Emily & Stephens beautiful Wedding at Greetham Valley in Rutland.

Coombe Abbey Wedding Venue photographer by Emma Lowe Photography
Coombe Abbey - Wedding Venue - Coventry

Dean & Kat

Dean & Kat’s beautiful Wedding at Coombe Abbey in Coventry.

Jen & Johnny 2 - Skylark Wedding Venue - Emma Lowe Wedding Photographer

Jenny & Johnny

Jen & Johnny’s beautiful Wedding at Skylark Farm Northampton.

Say Hello!

I’d be delighted to hear from you and learn more about your requirements. 

If you’d like we can either chat over the phone, or we have a video conference with an easy to use Google Meet, or should you wish a face to face consultation.  

To get started please fill out the form below or call me on 07703 290947


Yes Absolutely – As a professional wedding photographer I have full insurance cover, and the all important Public Liability Cover which many Wedding Venues insist on viewing before they allow you to work on site. This means that my insurance would trigger if something occurred injuring someone. For example, if someone walked into my camera lens and hurt themselves. It might sound minor but this is important to the wedding venue’s management and for your guests.
Do not worry – If I’m suddenly taken ill or have an emergency, I will do my utmost to organise a high quality replacement. I would only organise a replacement that I knew would capture the most amazing photographs that I will then edit myself. That said, it would be highly unlikely to occur. If within 24 hrs and a replacement couldn’t be organised, then my Partner whom is highly competent behind the camera lens and is often my second photographer would step in. I wouldn’t gladly have him photograph my wedding day if he didn’t have to be waiting for me at the altar. As an ex-Engineer and now a Marketing Director of an industry leading UK company you’d be in good hands should a major disaster occur. So rest assured I have you covered. If something happened to my primary camera or some crucial equipment, then again fear not as I have plenty of spares in short notice or my insurance would simply provide replacements rapidly. Also as a professional, I’m often working with other leading Photographers so we would always help each other out in emergencies. So we are triple covered with spares, insurance and colleagues.
Of course, the website has some photographs covering Weddings and all my other professional shoots. That provides a good impression of my work. Although the website doesn’t show the high resolutions images as they take far too long to load so every image is heavy reduced in quality. I’d love to sit and show you my work in person, so please come and have a coffee at your convenience. I have plenty of hard copy high quality images to show you.
Firstly, I will do everything I can to avoid disruption to your perfect day, whilst safeguarding you, your guests, venue staff and myself. I regularly check the various websites for Government Guidance and Industry Guidelines, which are changing constantly. The following links are useful quick reference sites: In terms of the how I’m changing my photographer behaviour, its mainly the application of common sense and PPE. So firstly I’ll have my PPE mask and visor, but the most noticeable difference is I may step a few metres away from the groups between photographs were as are before I’d have loitered nearer waiting to capture shots. This doesn’t make a difference, as I merely quickly move in and out as required. In terms of your guests and group shoots, we need to review the up to date guidance for the day but again we’ll apply common sense regarding numbers, family bubbles, if a small group can spread out slightly outdoors etc. As with illness or an emergency, if I was suddenly taken ill I would do my upmost to provide an alternative wedding photographer.

Absolutely you can – normally most of my couples have tailored their package with me in the discovery meet, where we meet to plan and discuss your requirements. So we can add and tweak as you wish.

If you suddenly require extra time on the day unplanned, then I will do my utmost to stay and will discuss the cost at the point as if its only a short period I may not need to charge at all. You won’t be charged unreasonably I assure you. The only time I cannot is if I have personal commitments that cannot be altered at such short notice. I want you day to be perfect so will pull out all the stops to stay on as long as you need.

This is a common question to professional wedding photographers and easily answered, in that the Camera has two cards, so if one fails the other will have a RAW copy. And once home images are immediately loaded to a back up, so there are multiple copies.
Absolutely, but this must be organised via myself as you don’t want two strangers turning up getting in each others way or missing crucial photographs. I have my partner as a second photographer, but often invite other professional wedding photographers I’ve had the pleasure of working with in the past and have a clear plan so we team up seamlessly.
Absolutely – I’m a wedding photographer so I have 1,000s of photos up my sleeve, but you’re in charge throughout, so what you want I’ll do my absolute best to provide. So if you want a series of family shots taken or you’d like to explore the grounds for variety I’ll happily capture these for you.
Typically the editing and processing time is between 4 to 12 weeks depending on the volume of photographs taken and your specific requirements on editing. Remember I’ll typically have 1,000s of photos to review, crop, edit and present, so this does take time.
Any Wedding Albums or Prints or Products will be detailed on your order confirmation and we’ll discuss this in macro detail at our discovery meeting to get this planned.
This depends on your wedding photography package and will be discussed in the discovery meeting together so we get this perfect. Post wedding day, we can review the photographs captured and you can decide if you want extras or other products.
We can work up any solution for you. So if you want all the photographs and you tell me this at the discovery meeting we can factor this into the costs and booking confirmation. Typically this would be on a USB stick and you’d have to specific if you want the edited or unedited, as this involves significant time and costs. If you have purchased all the images, you are provided the licence to reprint these as you wish.
Absolutely – I have a great relationship with my couples and I can put you in direct comms with them (with their permission). They’ll gladly give me the big thumbs up to give you that peace of mind you have a top wedding photographer booked in.