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Branding & Marketing Photographer

Studio based or onsite with you

Unleash the power of Brand marketing to promote your services, products, culture, team and story in a way  that elevates the brand and your company as a whole. Turbo-charged your projection with high-calibre photography from a leading UK Commercial Photographer like Emma Lowe. 

For all Your Branding & Marketing Photography Needs

 by Emma Lowe

High calibre Branding & Marketing is more and more supported by an equally high calibre visual media, with none more important than photography showcasing your company, your teams, your service and your products across all marketing channels in some way or form. As the saying goes, ‘all roads lead to Rome’, then you could also say ‘all customers will see your photography’, far more than any other media.

Understanding the importance of even a single photograph in the way it shapes your customer opinions or mindset. In essence the photograph projects your brand, so poor quality photography will projects you as a poor brand, whereas vice versa, a high-calibre, creative, well considered photography set can turbocharge and project your brand to the hilt.

Studies showcase the impact of high quality photography on your conversion rate as significant, capturing the attention of customers, conveying information effectively, evoking emotions, and creating a memorable visual experience that engages and influences your customers for desired actions, boosting conversion rates.

Emma’s commercial client’s vary from individual executives or small SMEs, right up to large corporations (with a number of well-known brands in her portfolio), Universities and Institutions across the Midlands and UK.

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Clone Media - Kress Branding & marketing photography, By Emma Lowe Photography
Emma Lowe Commercial Branding Photographer - Warwickshire - Kress
Urban Brand 444 - Branding Photography Shoot by Emma Lowe Photography
Hilltop Garden Centre- The Garden Centre Magazine 2023 Shilton Van By Emma Lowe Photography
Uzin - Commercial Photographer - Rugby - 1

ClIent Testimonials

How my branding & marketing photography works?


Define the Brief

Clients fall into three categories; those with clearly defined ideas and briefs, to those with an idea but not fully defined, to those requiring guidance and inspiration. Working such as an array of clients, Emma will support as required to finalise a brief for your shoot.


Define Time Required

With a clear understanding of the brief and requirements, along with logistics, such as number of locations, timings, and various specifics, Emma can provide the time required to conduct your photoshoot, either as a fixed time or flexible time.


Tailor Quotation

Quotations are tailored to your specific requirements, but the tariff rates are based on time bands of 0-2hrs, 2-4 hrs, 4-6hrs and full day periods, along with editing considerations and the number of onsite visits or locations.


Conduct the Shoot

With the brief defined, logistics set and timings scheduled, the shoots operate effectively and we can always adapt and embrace improv or inspiration along the way. Shoots are professional and light-hearted to capture the desired imagery. Equally for those broad briefs, Emma will take charge and provide guidance and inspiration.


Post Shoot Editing

Following your branding & Marketing shoot, a period of time is required to review and edit your images, typically turned around within 2-4 weeks. However, depending on your requirements this can be expedited and images returned at pace. Editing typically consists of light touching and finishing edits.


Sign off & Completion

On completion of the editing, the images captured and edited from your photoshoot images are provided for review and sign off. Images are provided with full commercial license to use for marketing and commercial use, with copyright and ownership retained by ELP.

Enjoy a peak at my recent work

A Range of Branding & Marketing Photography

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If you’d like we can either chat over the phone, or we have a video conference with an easy to use Google Meet, or should you wish a face to face consultation.  

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SNAPSHOT - Branding & Marketing Gallery

Here’s a snapshot of some of the Branding & Marketing Photography captured at recent shoots across a whole spectrum of industry verticals up and down the country, whether large, medium and small in size. For more images please view my full gallery.