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A professional Newborn Photography session is such a wonderful experience and the images we’ll capture together are just incredible. These shoots will be cherished for years to come, especially as your little one grows up so fast. As for me?

So who am I?… well I’m a professional full-time Newborn Photographer so you’re in great hands and I’m only based on on the edge of Rugby, just off the South West bypass behind Bilton. I’m also just a short hop from Warwick, Coventry, Leamington or surrounding Midland areas, and even better you can park at the doorstep and simply walk in to my studio.

I’m very fortune to have captured so many Newborn Photoshoots, so not only are in the hands of a top quality baby photographer to ensure you get an amazing variety of images but I’m also an ex-nursery nurse and mummy to 3 children of my own. Which means I’m incredibly patient and calm around your precious little one.

When you book your Newborn Photography Session we will discuss your preferences, ideas, and any colour schemes so your photographs are tailored as much as possible to your home. As a professional Newborn Photographer, you can be assured you’re in safe hands and every care is taken throughout the newborn photoshoot as safety is always a priority. For more information please contact me.

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Enjoy browsing through my newborn photoshoot gallery, we’ve had so much fun creating these cherished memories.

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    Local Professional Newborn Photographer in Rugby

    Newborns are as delicate as they are beautiful, so it’s essential to place their comfort and safety first, far beyond the desire to capture the photography, this is an absolute for any Baby Photographer. As an ex-nursery nurse and mother of 3, I know the importance of comfort and safety which is why I’m so relaxed and patient in my sessions.

    There is never any pressure to work to the clock in my sessions. Even the liveliest babies will settle given time and love, so it’s important to relax and have some fun taking these photographs.

    If you’d like to read some of the beautiful words my clients have written about my baby photoshoots please read my testimonials page.


    Most Parent Mix and Match the different Newborn Photographs set out below…..

    • ‘Black & White Newborns’ – there is a wonderful variety of black and white photographs we can take of your beautiful little one or ones!! Whether that’s artist close-up images of your baby, maybe of your baby’s face or even their toes & fingers, which make powerful and cute imaginary that parents adore, to an array of full or part body baby photographs on their own or with Mum and family members. Black and White Newborns Collections are very distinct and are adorable chic.
    • ‘Colour Newborns’ – these are pretty much the same as above, with one wonderful exception and that the crazy number of colour patch combinations we can have great fun with and when I say fun I mean fun. My parents (mainly mums) love dressing up their babies and trying the different colours props, blankets, wraps, hats, you name it we try it, which all create very distinctive Baby Photographs.
    • ‘Stylish & Fun Prop Newborn Photoshoot’ – my parents and I have come up with some interesting prop inspired Baby Photographs over time, such as newborns snuggled into Dad’s motorbike helmets (edited), to doughnuts themes, to favourite cuddly toys or jewellery such as baby bangles. No matter how crazy the idea, please don’t be shy as innovation and creativity to produce amazing Newborn Photography.
    • ‘Mummy & Newborn Photoshoot’ – these photographs of mummy and baby bring an incredibly warm feeling and are jammed packed with pure emotion, which even as a seasoned newborn photographer they never fail to make me gush and awww.. Available as Black and White Images, or full colour.
    • ‘Partners/Family & Newborn Photoshoot’ – pretty much the same as the mummy & newborn session, only partners and family members can be involved. This can be artist baby photos with 2 to 5 pairs of hands holding your babies lovingly up, to group cuddle photos.

    Newborn Photography Prices

    As a leading Newborn Photographer in Rugby, my pricing is great value and very straightforward to build your perfect package. All you pay for is the Newborn Photography Photoshoot and then you can view your Photographs at the end of your shoot to decide which Newborn Photography Bundle you want and how to make payment. It is really that easy so please click the Prices button.

    Additional Information:

    Happy Travel

    I’m based in Rugby, Warwickshire, although I’m more than happy to travel all over the country whether that is to a venue or location shoot. Please don’t hesitate to speak to me about coming to you.

    Payment Plan

    You’ll be blown away with your photographs, so much so that you’ll want to buy them all. With this in mind a lot of my customers like to spread the costs with our monthly payment plan. Please don’t hesitate to speak to me about options.

    Home Studio

    I’m very fortunate to have a Home Professional Studio, which adds to the sense of comfort and ease for my customers, taking away the clinical and stark Commercial studio effect, especially for younger children and newborns.