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Emma Lowe is a full-time Professional Photographer in Rugby specialising in maternity photography, newborn photography, family photography and wedding photography. Emma Lowe is a talented local photographer whether she’s conducting personalised sessions from her Rugby home studio, or capturing amazing location based shoots at wedding venues, modelling shoots or local venues for social & sporting events. In addition Emma does have a soft spot for pet & equine photography, which is very close to her heart. So no matter what you require, please do get in touch for top quality photography in Rugby and surrounding areas of Coventry, Warwick, Leamington, Lutterworth, Leicester, Daventry, Nuneaton and Hinckley.

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Who Am I?

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It’s a real challenge to showcase yourself in a quasi-bio of yourself, but what is really important to me is a great rapport and relationship with the person behind the camera. It’s the ability to make my clients feel relaxed and to ensure they have a good time walking away grinning before they’ve even seen a single image knowing they have thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish.

Naturally the ability to take a great professional photographs and edit them to a high standard is absolutely paramount to a professional & chic final product, but I’m sure from my galleries you’ll have that confidence in my skill and I’m happy to showcase more images face to face. So ultimately for me its all about great rapport and that personal relationship you build with your Photographer.

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Looking for a Local Wedding Photographer?

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As a Professional Photographer, I cover everything from Newborns, Family, Portraits, Pet, Equine, Parties, Events, Commercial and Weddings in my working week. I really enjoy this wonderful variety of photography and I get to meet so many lovely people from all walks of life. However, I do consider myself a specialist Wedding Photographer and Family Photographer, whilst also enjoying my Equestrian Photography as an owner of 3 horses myself. This amazing array of photography pushes my technical skills, adaptably and creativity beyond most photographers, which I apply to my wedding photography to great effect, capturing the most amazing natural shoots for my couples.


If you have a particular style in mind for your wedding photographer, then give me a call and let’s get planning. Chances are I’ve spent hours on similar shoots over the years.


If your brain is a little frazzled at hearing wedding photographers talking about styles such as Contemporary, Traditional and Reportage, then don’t panic I can showcase and explain this for you. In short:


Contemporary Wedding Photography is highly creative and seeks to get photographs similar to those you see in magazines or fashion shoots, often with perfect lighting, exciting lighting or incredible angles. Whilst contemporary photos are amazing, as your photographer I would need to advise you that you will not capture the spirit, energy and fun of your wedding day. Instead of capturing a range of photographs of the wedding day, we would be seeking out that perfect contemporary photograph with all the focus on the artistry of shot. If you are fond of this style I would recommend it is limited in time specifically set aside to ensure we capture the true spirit and faces of your wedding day.


Traditional Wedding Photography has its roots in the days before digital memory cards, when camera film was precious and shoots taken sparingly. Once the most popular style of Wedding Photographer, with the highly posed and orchestrated sets of photography. That is, the traditional style has your Wedding Photographer shouting orders to capture an array of couple shots and group shots, which will take significant time pulling the couple and guest away from enjoying the wedding day itself. If managed effectively with known timings these highly important photographs can be captured and I’ll be a relaxed and discrete as possible. Some couples will feel that these staged and organised couple and group shoots are exactly what they want to capture their wedding, whilst some will feel capturing these images is too disruptive to their enjoyment of the day. Some couples also simply hate posing for the camera.


Reportage Wedding Photography is the style taking the world by storm, in that it seeks to capture the day in the most discrete / non-intrusive manner possible so the couple and their wedding guests are captured not as I the photographer has arranged but capturing the true spirit and smiles of the day.


My Style – I personally like to combine the natural aspect of reportage wedding photography to capture the fun, spirit and dynamics of your wedding day, with some more formal photographs at the opportune moment, however, I am happy to adapt to whatever style you wish. I take great pride in my ability to change my styles with ease. For those that like a little fun, we can even squeeze some wonder photographs in should time permit.


For me the most important thing is for you and I to sit down and chat all about your wedding day, your venue and your journey/vision so we can tailor a wedding photography style and package to suit you exactly. Get in touch and we’ll organise a discovery meeting at your convenience. I’m already looking forward to talking about your wedding ! It’s exciting.