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Are you looking for a professional Newborn Photoshoot in Rugby to capture the most precious moments for every parent of their amazing little one as they are bonding in those first magical weeks? The Newborn Photoshoot photos are always adorably cute and you’ll adore them for many years to come, especially as babies grow up so fast.

I have been so lucky to have captured so many Newborn babies on camera, so you are in experienced hands and I love personalising your photoshoots with little items from home, be that teddies, rattles, or even something about you the parent/s such as rugby balls, tennis equipment or anything that captures whom you are.


My Newborn Photoshoot in Rugby

My Newborn Photoshoots in Rugby are all about giving you and your newborn baby a relaxing experience to capture the most adorable Newborn Photographs that you’ll adore for many years. The newborn photoshoots are held at my home studio, based within Cawston, Rugby I have professional equipment, props and lighting set up ready to go, everything is the best and highest quality.

My Newborn Photoshoots in Rugby draw on my years of experience but also my specialist’s skills to dress, wrap, position, and pose your newborn safely, to get the cutest, most snuggly cute photos for you and your family. Your newborn’s comfort and safety are always my top priority so babies enjoy the experience as much as the parents, so I don’t rush a baby if they are unsettled, and I’ll talk you through every step of the session, or let you sit back and relax.

To achieve the sweet sleepy curled-up newborn photographs, Newborn Photoshoots are best to be booked within your baby’s first 21 days. I aim for three to four creative ideas (curled up on whites, curled up in furs, posing your baby in a box, basket, or bucket, surrounding them with cuddly toys, or curling them up in your arms. Siblings are welcome but I don’t have a big studio so I cannot offer this to large families.

Bring something personal, maybe this is a hobby one of you does or a special item that belongs to your newborn baby and I will incorporate this into your Newborn Photoshoot.


Payment Plans Available

My Newborn Photoshoot sessions start from £50 for the session only and you may purchase your images separately, either individually for any favourites or in packages. You can purchase all the images on a personalised USB stick so you have all the images and rights to print them. I’m always happy to discuss the packages and options so please get in touch for a bespoke option.

I know how important the images are and how many parents want to purchase image bundles or all the images, so I offer fantastic 3 or 6 monthly payment plans.


How long do the Newborn Photoshoot in Rugby Sessions Last?

My Newborn Photoshoot near Rugby sessions are designed to be relaxed and to put you and your baby first. The session can last between 1 to 4 hours, this will allow plenty of time to stop whether that’s to settle your baby, feed, or even to have a 5-minute chat about what is the next setup is or to answer any questions. My Newborn Photoshoots are designed to be patient and to go with each individual newborn’s pace. Please do not be anxious as I’m a professional and have three children of my own, if you have a question please ask away.


Newborn Photoshoot Clothing & Wraps

Your Newborn Photoshoot in Rugby does include the use of all my gorgeous throws, wraps, props, and headbands which will all be thoroughly washed and cleaned after every session so everything is always clean and ready to use. Upon arriving, you’ll be able to choose which colours you wish to use unless we have chosen these beforehand, remember your home decor as you would like your images to go with your home and not look out of place. You are welcome to bring along favorite toys, items, props, and outfits to add that personal touch.


Where is my Home Studio

My professional home studio is based just outside Coventry about 15-20 mins up the A45 in Rugby and you can park securely on the driveway making it easy to get your little one out. You can see on the map below where I’m based.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    More information on my Newborn Photoshoot Sessions

    How do I book my newborn photoshoot near Rugby?

    Great news with so many ways to contact me it is really easy, you can text, whatsapp me a message, Facebook, Instagram, email, or simply pop me a call. If you can call I might be in the studio or out on location so please leave me a voicemail.

    Newborn Photoshoots are really expensive after the shoot, can we afford it?

    The answer is YES! I offer 3 – 6 month payment plans on orders over £100 and like most photographers I don’t have a minimum order value as to me its so important to show your gorgeous images off!

    Do you have parking?

    Yes, parking is available. With having a home studio I will always move my car for you to park on the driveway so it’s only a very short walk into the studio.

    What happens if my newborn arrives earlier or later than I have booked in?

    These adorable babies arrive when they are ready so if you have a newborn photoshoot booked in and you find the baby will miss the booked appointment don’t worry at all. I leave 1 free day each week for this type of thing so I can always reschedule you and your newborn baby for your photography shoot