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Your staff team/s define your business, so why not enhance your brand by showcasing that talent via professional headshot photography, whether that’s capturing high-calibre Executive / Director imagery, to showing off the people and teams behind the brand. Not to mention team group shots.

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Corporate & Team Headshot Photography

 by Emma Lowe

Professional Headshot photography, provides an insight into soul of your brand and the right photography can turbo-charge the positive impression your customers forge of your business. 

Emma Lowe, is a full-time professional who specialises in the full array of headshot photography, whether that’s tailored highly considered personal branding imagery for your Senior Team and Directors, or larger team headshot photography for teams of 3 to 100 persons.

Although based in the Midlands (Rugby, Warwickshire), Emma is often working up and down the country, zipping in and out of the commercial city hubs like London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester and many more to conduct Headshots Photoshoots.

Emma’s commercial client’s vary from individual executives or small SMEs, right up to large corporations (with a number of well-known brands in her portfolio), Universities and Institutions across the Midlands and UK.

Please get in touch for more information and to discuss your Headshot requirements.

What do I specialise In?

Business Headshot Photographer – Emma Lowe …


Showcase Your Brand & Culture

We offer professional Corporate Headshots for all team sizes ranging from 3 to 100+ either all on the same location or multiple across the United Kingdom. Depending on your requirements, headshot sessions might be required over a number of days if multiple locations need to be included. Pricing is all based on time spent onsite. If it’s more convenient for you, appointments can be arranged at my Rugby studio.


Highly Tailored

Director and senior staff headshot photoshoots are highly tailored towards the individual to capture their personality. Emma has been working with company directors for a number of years to capture some amazing photographs that have appeared in journals and magazines across the United Kingdom.


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Ideal For Creative & INNOVATIVE Teams

Why So Serious? … For many industries it’s important to showcase a little creativity and light-heartedness through humour. This style of headshot is very popular as it encourages prospective customers to casually reach out for your services. It also makes your business stand out and creates a lasting positive impression.


Impressive Team? Show Off Then

A powerful tool for any business is team and group photography. It projects your brand and culture across all medias for any potential clients to see. Emma has many years of experience in capturing this type of image.

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Personal Branding Photography - by Emma Lowe Photography


Project YourSELF

Personal branding is important for any individual or business, this type of photoshoot is becoming more and more popular in the UK. The importance of these images cannot be underestimated.

ClIent Testimonials



Define the Brief

Firstly, your requirements need to be established before you can begin booking your Corporate Headshot Photoshoot. Location, staff numbers and headshot style all need to be taken into consideration when thinking about what you want from your shoot. Scheduling and management also need to be considered.


Define Time Required

The time requirements of the shoot are based on several factors including the number of locations, photoshoot style and more importantly the number of persons to be captured. Along with the logistics side of the shoot, we can estimate the time requirements needed and if multiple visits are needed.


Tailor Quotation

Each and every quote is different, but there is a tariff which rates are based on in increments of 0-2hrs, 2-4hrs, 4-6hrs and full days. Editing requirements and the number of onsite visits are also taken into consideration when providing the quotation.


Conduct the Shoot

First and foremost, on the day of the shoot setup is the top priority. After this, the next biggest challenge is the logistics of getting every staff member in front of the camera one by one at a regular pace. Office life can sometimes make this difficult.


Post Shoot Editing

Once the photoshoot has been completed, the corporate and commercial headshots are usually turned around within 2-4 weeks, expediting this is available depending on what you need. The editing process with these images usually consists of light touching and finishing.


Sign off & Completion

Editing is then completed and the photoshoot images are provided ready for review. A full commercial license is included with the images, this allows them to be used for marketing and any other business use. Copyright and ownership is retained by ELP.

Enjoy a peak at my recent work

A Range of Corporate Headshot Photography

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BUSINESS Headshot GalleRY

Additional corporate headshot shoot images can be found in the gallery below, these images cover a wide range of industries up and down the country. Small, medium and large businesses are all covered in the gallery.