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An enjoyable Commercial Photography day at Global Search Marketing Ltd in Birmingham, in their head offices on Colmore Row (Birmingham Business District). The brief was to capture staff headshots (elongated portrait shots as requested) and a variety of white background group photographs for marketing media.

This Commercial Photography Session took approximately 30mins to setup and staff rotated through at a steady rate of one person per 5-10mins, taking approximately 3 hours in total.

I have to say the staff were fantastic and the feedback provided was that the feeling was one of a ‘fun day at the office’, which I agree with. Smiles and laughter all round.

Most importantly, the client was extremely pleased with the day and the photographs, with an invitation to return to complete a series of lifestyle photographs of behind the scenes at Global Search Marketing Ltd, which I’d be happy to attend.

If you have any Commercial Photography requirements please contact me!

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