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This page was created to provide you all the information you’d need before booking with me or provide additional information about your booked sessions, like what to bring along or what you’d need on the day. I do regularly add more questions and answer, so hopefully your answers are shown, but I always welcome telephone calls or emails so please don’t hesitate to call me and have chat..

General Photography Questions

How to choose the best photographer for me?

This is a common question that I come across and my answer is quite open and honest, in that you should speak with your photographer and gauge your relationship, after all the more relaxed you are with your photographer the better the photographs will be and then have a look at the quality of the photographs to gauge your photographers style. All Photographer will have their own style, particularly in how they edit the images.

Do you have a photography studio?

Yes, I have a wonderful home studio which is perfect for a whole range of photography sessions. The array of backdrops and props at my disposal allows me to let my creativity run wild and my customers always say they enjoy the experience, with some adding their own ideas.

The studio is perfect for:

  • Newborn Photography
  • Maternity Photography
  • Family Photography
  • Portraits Photography
  • Headshots
Are you fully insured?

Yes I am fully insured Professional Photographer and the cover is provided by AXA Insurance.

Do I own the copyright and IP rights to the photographs?

The Photographs are owned by Emma Lowe Photography, until the point of purchase of any image or collection of images. At which point you are licensed to print images and utilise the images for your personal requirements. The only restriction is the resale of the images or use of the image for commercial reasons.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes - you can speak with me regarding payment plans.

The payment plans offer my customers to ability to buy the images they really want and them pay off over time.

Can I change my booking?

Strictly speaking if you have booked a specific date and time, then you cannot cancel or change the booking. However, I understand that things crop up or happen that are outside of your control so I try to be as flexible as I possibility can be to reschedule.

How long does it take before I can view my online gallery?

Your online gallery is usually posted within 3-4 weeks of your photo session. Then you can choose your prints and products.

How do I contact you?

I'm really happy to have chat on either the Phone, Facebook Messenger or Email, so please get in touch:

Phone: 07826 422822

Email: [email protected]

Will our digital files be watermarked?

Once you have viewed your online gallery and decided on your digital files they will be put on to an Emma Lowe Photography USB stick without my watermark attached. You will be given the print release form for those digital files.

How long do you keep my images for?

I keep your photo shoot images for 12 months.

Do you digitally edit the photographs?

Yes - most of the images I provide are edited, sometimes it minor removing blemishes or unwanted aspects of the photograph, or on the more creative photography with scenery (e.g. Christmas or Fairy Scenes) can be heavily edited. If the images do not require editing or you request for non-edited photography that's not a problem to provide.

Can I have my images and pay later?

Unfortunately, I cannot release the images until after I have received payment. I'm quite happy to release the images in batches against batch payments, as I understand the eagerness to get your images.

What Happens After my Photography Session?

How long does it take to get my images?

4-12 weeks

Newborn Photography Questions?

How to choose the best newborn photographer near me?

I can answer that simply - the best newborn photographers have exceptional 'patience, experience and compassion'. Newborn photography is as much about caring for mummy and baby to create the most relaxed environment possible as it is about amazing photography. Some babies sleep from start to finish, some babies decide its a good time to wake up and have a little cry, so the most important thing for mummy and the photographer to show is patience and remember the babies needs always come before the photos!!

I'm a mother of 3 children myself, 1 boy and 2 girls so I've been there as a parent and I'm also an ex-nursery carer, so patience is my middle name.

My home studio also allows mummy and baby to relax and take there time in a less formal commercial studio.

Finally the quality of Photography and the ability to edit naturally is important in choosing the best newborn Photographer, which you'll see from some of the photographs shown in my galleries.

What is your Home Studio like?

In a word ? 'Cosy' and in another word 'Ideal'....

My home studio has real feeling of warmth and relaxation, whilst been highly professional and having all the kit & props.

If you're unsure, schedule a visit before hand, I'd live to see you and meet your little one.

Can you also take photographs of my other children?

Yes - of course, there are plenty of photographs involving your other children that are both safe for the baby (safety & comfort first) and breathtakingly beautiful..

Can you include some photographs of mum and dad with our little ones?

Yes - of course, you can have photographs cradling your little one-on-one, or both cradling your little one, to group shots that are gorgeous and unique to you.

Maternity Photography Questions?

How to choose the best Maternity photographer near me?

As a mother of three children, I know three things when it comes to Maternity Photography!

  1. How beautiful and magically maternity photography is..
  2. How short a time frame you have to capture these beautiful photographs..
  3. How your body changes can affect your confidence..

The latter can make some people shy away from Maternity Photographs, worrying about those pesky stretch marks or increased hair growth or even a little extra padding gained... Firstly you shouldn't be shy we are all the same and you can choose to have those all magically vanish with a click and edit or not. It should never stop you capturing those amazing memories.

In my home studio you can feel safe and secure.

Can my partner be included or other children?

Yes of course - there are an array of wonderful shots we can take together, that include your partner, whether that clothed or partially clothed to create and capture that natural skin to skin look.

There are also incredible photographs we can create including your family members.

Can I bring some nighties and lingerie?

Yes, some of the most beautiful Maternity Photographs are with mummy baring her bum and one of the best ways to do this is with lingerie or nighties. Your partner can also dress down to their underwear so they can be involved in the skin to skin look.

Can you edit out my stretch marks?

Yes of course - some people choose to have their skin edited to remove any marks and hair, other choose to have some edited and some unedited.

Can you edit excess stretch marks and red marks?

Yes, I've edited Maternity Photographs with mummies that have had excessive stretch marks or blemishes, or even hormonal acne, with incredible results. I'm so pleased they understood we could edit the images and came along.

Family Photography Questions?

How to choose the best family photographer near me?

Portrait Photography Questions?

How to choose the best Portrait photographer near me?

Wedding Photography Questions

(see General Photography for more….)

How to choose the best wedding photographer near me?

Your wedding day will be one of the most magical days of your life, which is shared by so many of your friends and family, so choosing the right Wedding Photographer is critical to capturing all the amazing memories in perfect photography as it happens.

The best advice I can offer is to talk with your Photographer and get to know them, someone to bossy or too precise can spoil your day and irritate your guests, but at the same time you photographer has to sometimes take control to gather your guest to make the group shots fast and efficient. Also getting to know your photographer creates a more enjoyable and relaxed environment. I always meet with you prior to your wedding day, not just to talk about the details of your wedding and style of photography but also to have a chat to learn more about each other, that way you'll know who I am and soon relax.

The other side is the photography itself, with most professional photographer capable of taking great shots how can you decide? Well really its down to the styles of editing and you really want a photographer who can apply multiple different styles of editing, not just the wonder shot against the dark background or amazing lighting effect, because that wan't a true reflection of the day and after time you'll be frustrated you haven't got an honest representation. Equally you want a Wedding Photographer who can setup those wonder shots and edit them beautifully. So look for the Photographer that can offer both. This is something I take a lot of pride in having in my armament as a Professional Photographer.

Finally a patience and relaxed nature, before the big day, on the big day and afterwards...

Pet Photography Questions?

How to choose the best pet photographer near me?
Do we bring our dog to your Home Studio?

Yes, if you want a certain style of shoot, or you can have an external photo session at your local park or woods.

Do you come out to our house?

Yes - I can do

Do you come out to location?

Yes - I can do

Can I buy Photography Products?

Can I buy Photography Albums?

Yes - of course

Can I buy Framed Images?

Yes - of course

Can I buy single images?

Yes - of course

Can I buy Social Media images?

Yes - of course

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