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Talbots Law

Coventry, Wolverhampton, & Birmingham

As part of a major Acquisition I was commissioned for a Corporate Headshots shoot for Talbots Law firm based in Coventry, Wolverhampton & Birmingham.

Corporate Headshot - Law/Solicitors

Case Study

A recent business headshot for a leading midlands law firm / solicitors with the objective to capture a range of corporate photography for an acquisition. This included individual team headshots and group executive shots for use in Information Memorandums and branding material. 

It was a wonderful opportunity to be part of the Sarginsons Law team’s journey, as they were acquired by Talbot Law. 

Talbot Law Individual Headshot by Emma Lowe Photography
Talbot Law Individual Headshot by Emma Lowe Photography 2

Photoshoot Objective / Brief

Client Requirements & Deliverables

Objective One – Individual Team Headshots

As a legal team the overriding style was one of professionalism whilst promoting individual characteristics to positively present the brand. The client specifically a light grey background. 

Objective Two – Executive Group Shots

Albeit the brief was for professionalism, the directorate team also wished to showcase their approachable and welcoming nature. Marrying the professionalism and welcoming style was important for marketing to convey their Brand and Values. 

Talbot Law Executive acquisition Shot by Emma Lowe Photography

On The Day / Deliverables

Time to Capture

On the morning of the Talbot Law’s photo shoot it was a lovely warm and sunny  day in May.

As I arrived I was warmly welcomed into the offices and given a lovely coffee to start the shoot. After looking at the spaces available to set up, we decided to set up in one of the main offices using some natural light coming in with my light set up.

The set up I used…

For this headshot shoot I used a one light set up, reflector and a large pop up background light grey backdrop, and taking advantage of the light coming through from the large window. With the outdoor side of images I used the reflector again with my portable light to help remove any shadows as we had to be in the shade due to the sun shining through.

I always try to make  everyone feel really comfortable when they came to get their headshot as nearly everyone on the team told me they really didn’t like having their photo being taken, but once I had finished I was so pleased to hear that everyone had said I had made them feel really relaxed and it was a pleasant experience. My advise on how to pose and the style of image again was really welcome and I know after seeing the marketing on this the company loved my work.


About The Client

Talbot Law

Talbots Law firm of solicitors are based in the West Midlands and Worcestershire. Talbot Law offer all of the usual legal services, such as wills, employment advice, divorce, business services and help moving home.

Services required:

  • Commercial Photography 
  • Corporate Headshots
  • Business Headshots

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