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A professional Baby Photoshoot is such a wonderful experience and the images we’ll capture together are just incredible. These photoshoots will be adored for years to come, especially as your little one grows up.

I’m very fortunate to have captured so many Baby Photoshoots, so not only are you in the hands of an experienced baby photographer to ensure you get an amazing variety of images. I am also an ex-nursery nurse and mummy to 3 children of my own so I’m incredibly patient and calm around your precious little one.


My Baby Photoshoot Sessions

My Baby Photoshoots are all about giving you an incredible experince with you and your baby to capture the most incredible Baby Photographs that you’ll adore for many years to come in a relaxed and safe environment. The newborn sessions are held at my home studio, based within Rugby I have all my specialist equipment and lighting set up ready to go.

My Baby Photoshoots draw on my years of experience but also my specialist’s skills to dress, wrap, position, and pose your baby safely, to get the cutest, most adorable photos for you and your family. Your newborn’s comfort and safety always come first and most babies enjoy the experience as much as the parents, so I wouldn’t ever rush a baby if unsettled, and ill talk you through every step of the session.

To achieve the cute sleepy curled-up newborn portraits, Baby Photoshoots are best to be booked within the baby’s first two-eight weeks or within the first 21 days. I aim for four to five creative ideas (these could be curled up on whites, curled up in furs, posing your baby in a box, basket, or bucket, surrounding them with cuddly toys, or curling them up in your arms. Siblings are welcome but I don’t have a big studio so I cannot offer this to large families.


Payment Plans Available

My Baby Photoshoot sessions start from £50 for the session and you may purchase your images separately, either individually for any favourites or in packages. You can even purchase all the images on a personalised USB stick so you have all the images and rights to print them. I’m always happy to discuss the packages and options so please get in touch for a bespoke option.

I know how important the images are and how many parents want to purchase image bundles or all the images, so I offer fantastic 3 or 6 monthly payment plans.


How long do the Baby Photoshoot Sessions Last?

My Baby Photoshoot sessions are designed to be relaxed and to put you and your baby first. The session usually last between 3 to 4 hours, which allows plenty of time to stop whether that’s to settle your baby, feed, or even to have a 5-minute chat about what is the next setup or position. My Baby Photoshoots are designed to be patient and to go with each individual babies pace. Please do not be anxious as I’m a professional and have three children of my own, if you have a question please ask away.


Baby Photoshoot Clothing & Wraps

Your Baby Photoshoot includes the use of all my gorgeous throws, wraps, props, and headbands which will all be washed and cleaned after your session so everything is always clean and ready to use. Upon arrival, you’ll be able to choose what colours you wish to use unless we have chosen these beforehand, remember your home decor as you would like your images to go with your home and not look out of place. You are welcome to bring along favourite toys, items, props and outfits to add that personal touch.


Where is my Home Studio

My professional home studio is based just outside Coventry about 15-20 mins up the A45 in Rugby and you can park securely on the driveway making it easy to get your little one out. You can see on the map below where I’m based.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    More information on my Baby Photoshoots

    What's included in the Baby Photoshoot?

    Your baby photoshoot allows up to four hours of photography, within this time it allows for any nappy changes, feeding, or anything else your new bundle needs. The session fee is just for the shoot itself all prints and digital images can be purchased at an additional cost.

    What should I bring to the Baby Photoshoot?

    I supply all of the outfits and wraps for your newborn baby shoot, with lots of choices of outfits and colours to suit your colour palate. I do recommend bringing plenty of milk and nappies!

    What if my Baby is unsettled?

    All babies are different if during your baby shoot your newborn does become unsettled I will try to relax the baby or they may need mum and dad’s attention for a nappy or feeding, I take my time not to rush the baby so they are nice and relaxed. Sometimes if baby is really unsettled a nice snuggly wrap does the trick perfectly.

    How long do the Photographs take to be edited after the Photoshoot?

    I always say 4-6 weeks its all dependant on how many other photography sessions I have booked in, as you can imagine Christmas time is a really busy time of year so I do normally try to get photos back to you really quickly but sometimes they do take a little longer… you cant rush perfection… right?

    How do I choose the Photographs I want from my Baby Photoshoot?

    It can be really difficult to choose your images afterwards, you may like a few or all of them. I am here to offer help and guidance for styling with your home decor etc. I also have no minimum order value on my products so you can by 1 print to all of them!

    How long do the Baby Photography sessions last?

    The baby photography sessions can last from 1 up to 4hrs all depending on your baby. This is to ensure we are putting your baby’s needs first and we can all enjoy the session, taking our time to capture some amazing images.

    Is there anything I should bring to the Baby Photography session?

    I recommend you bring with you some personal items that are meaningful to you and we can possibly incorporate in the images. I also recommend you bring anything that will help mother and baby relax during your baby photography session.